'Wild Grasses' Chainmail Bracelet

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A handcrafted chainmail bracelet handmade in recycled silver, titanium patterns and 18ct yellow gold fringing. This elegant bracelet moves so beautifully, soft like fabric. Bold patterns in matt grey titanium, inspired by the surrounding landscape of Dartmoor, set within the shimmering presence of silver. Edging of organic loops in 18ct yellow gold depicting the Golden Wild Grasses of the moorlands. 

This piece features a round silver hook-over clasp, easy to use. Measuring 18mm wide including fringing x 7.5" in length.

The 'Wild Grasses' bracelet would look perfect dressed up or down and even as bridal or wedding jewellery attire. 

Comes in a beautiful Corrinne Eira Evans hand stitched, handmade leather embossed keepsake forest green round box by LG Leatherworks of Dartmoor and a personal note can be supplied if sending straight out to a recipient for a present.

*Please note all orders placed will take around 20 days to complete as they are all handmade individually by me in my studio on the edge of Dartmoor.
If you require an item by a certain date please get in touch via the contacts page, I’m here to help :).