• In Vogue!!

    In Vogue!!

    In Vogue!!
    One of five selected by Vogue's Jewellery & Watch Director, Rachel Garrahan, as 'Best New Jewellers To See At Goldsmiths' Fair' !
    Read the blog and head over via the link to read Rachel's full article.
  • Goldsmiths' Fair 2022

    Goldsmiths' Fair 2022


    Goldsmiths Fair 2022, Delighted to be exhibiting in week 2, 4th - 9th October.



  • Goldsmiths Company Grant

    Goldsmiths Company Grant

    New work is on the way which I’m so excited to share with you and hope you enjoy following my development and creations.
  • Origins of Chainmail Jewellery

    Origins of Chainmail Jewellery

    Mostly thought to be Medieval, chain based amor is actually thought to have been Celtic invention. Early examples dating back several hundred years B.C. Chainmail is a beautiful technique used to create jewellery, as it flows so elegantly with the body form.