Moorland Moss Ring

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This elegant and striking green Australian Parti Sapphire, from Misfit Sapphires, (1ct Hexagon cut) embodies the mossy woodlands on Dartmoor. Going from dark green to a yellowish green hue, this sapphire is captivatingly mystical like the the mossy forest itself.

Set in polish golds of white and yellow 18ct, it slides kinetically across the finger for the perfectly soft and comfortable fit. Tactile at touch, it moves with the contours of the body, creating works of art not only to see but feel.

The golds are SMO (Single Mine origin) and the sapphire responsibly sourced, adhering to an ethical approach reflecting Corrinne's natural inspiration.

Each link is handcrafted and soldered together creating a solid gold chain ring, ensuring enduring quality and heritage craft.

Beautifully presented in a Corrinne Eira Evans signature packaging, a round leather hand-stitched box crafted on Dartmoor, embossed with Corrinne's name.