Contemporary Jewellery Maker

In her studio on the edge of Dartmoor, Corrinne fashions luxurious, effortless and elegant contemporary jewellery using the heritage technique of fine flat chainmail.

About Corrinne

Her focus being on utilising a combination of raw metal colours and entwining them to fabricate bold and subtle patterns within a flowing metal textile. The combination of recycled golds, silver and titanium create a soft mixed palette encouraging the wearability.

Using these metals choices, Evans echo’s a connection with the land around us, particularly Dartmoor, which is of great influence to her.

Creating in the form of chainmail allows Corrinne to capture the links we have with our surroundings in a visual form, through a meditative and absorbing process.

The silver and golds act as a shimmering presence within the matt grey of titanium and black oxidised silver, a contrast that lends itself so beautifully to the overall patterned design of each piece.

Ethical Approach

Corrinne uses recycled precious metals to create her jewellery collections. Being a Fair Trade registered jeweller Corrinne can also make commissions and bespoke pieces using Fair Trade gold.

In her studio/Gallery, Moon & Moor, in Okehampton on the edge of Dartmoor, Corrinne also carries out jewellery repairs and remodelling, making old, tired and unwanted jewellery into new spakling pieces with a new lease of life, which will carry on for future generations.

Wanting to adjust to a more environmentally friendly practice, Corrinne is always learning and adapting to build a more sustainable jewellery business.

Corrinne, & her landscape painter partner, Andrew Olly Oliver, set up Moon & Moor Gallery in 2019.

A space to showcase there own work and to support local artists and makers working in ethical and sustainable materials and processes. Promoting environmentally friendly handcrafted long lasting beautiful objects and art, that have been made in Dartmoor and the UK.

Visit us in the gallery on the edge of Dartmoor, in Okehampton's Victorian Arcade. Now accessible via train!

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